Megan Arnold

Megan Arnold is a queer video editor and film maker with a bachelors degree from Marymount Manhattan College. She majored in Digital Media/Video Production and Public Relations/Strategic Communications. She also has a minor in Business Management. Alongside her media projects, Megan was the Editor-in-Chief of Marymount's newspaper The Monitor for two years, she was a teaching assistant for New Media Techniques, tutored students in the Adobe Cloud and other programs, and worked at the media center for two years as well. 

Megan's film "as the winter turns to fall" is an encapsulation of human emotion: love, lust, pain, and pleasure. She wrote, directed, and edited this work and is incredibly proud to be taking up space in the LGBTQ+ film community and is hopeful her talent and passion will continue to uplift both the queer community and the female community as well. Megan will be moving to Los Angeles after graduation to continue her passion of video editing.



Renata Baiocco

Renata Baiocco is a 24-year-old digital artist, producer and singer/songwriter based in NYC. Driven by her love for New York and the endless possibilities that it offers, Renata finds moments of meeting people by coincidence as the main inspiration for her brand. Living here her whole life, Renata has developed an eye and appreciation for the beautiful cinematic moments in accidental meetings that are so frequent in her life, which is reflected in her work.



Chloe Bowman

Chloe Michael Bowman is a New York City based Filmmaker and Video Editor. She is the director, writer and cinematographer of multiple films dealing with issues of LGBTQ+ representation and telling Queer stories. Her films also heavily feature performance based in dance and experimental theatre. Chloe works regularly as a freelance editor, and has also previously worked as an Assistant Video Editor for the production company City Drive Studios. 

There she assisted on projects Landmarks Live in Concert, Life is Beautiful Music Festival 2019, and the Emmy award winning documentary Breathe, Nolan, Breathe. Moving forward, Chloe is passionate about pursuing opportunities in film archiving and restoration. In addition to their film work, Chloe runs lights and sound for the New York City Rocky Horror Picture Show and has volunteered as a stage manager for multiple theatre productions.




Gillian Carannante

My name is Gillian Carannante and I am an aspiring filmmaker, director, editor, and writer. I enjoy working with groups of people on films and combining all creative minds into one project. I love creating projects that have dramatic, dark, and comedic values. I want viewers to engage with my work and even if they cannot relate, they can understand the world that I am communicating to them. What inspires me is how vulnerable this type of work is and despite how terrifying that may be, you can be helping someone out and it can be incredibly fulfilling.



Tavia Cummings

Tavia "Tay" Cummings is from Prince George County, Maryland but is now based in New York. She is currently a senior at Marymount Manhattan College studying a Double BA in Digital Media and Video Production and English and World Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. 

My biggest strength is my vivid imagination and my devotion to film. My love for film started when My dad would take my sister and me to the movie theater on hot summer days and watch several movies back to back. I would sit back in those big comfy chairs with my nachos and popcorn and get lost in the world of the films. I loved imagining myself in the movie and eventually writing down my own stories, visualizing them as scenes playing out on a big screen.



Amber Darbouze

Amber Darbouze is a current student at Marymount Manhattan College, and she will be graduating this spring. She is presenting her first ever short film, “Free Us” which she wrote, and directed.




Kasey Dugan

Kasey Dugan is a poet and filmmaker based in Manhattan. Her works are among the creative lineage of The New York School, hinging on abstraction, humor and surrealism. In 2017, Kasey’s writing portfolio “Hardwired Into My Orb” received a National Silver Metal from Scholastic. Since then, she has been published by Thorton Wilder and The Carson Review. Kasey is still discovering herself as a filmmaker. 

Her documentary, “The Christmas Kid” entails her father’s obsessive-compulsive Thanksgiving-Day schedule. Her horror film, “411: PILOT” began as a post-apocaylyptic mystery, but the project took on it’s own charm. Kasey was dumped by her partner halfway through the project, and her entire crew developed food poisoning while miles into the woods. Fascinated by the uncomfortable energy on set, Kasey went in a new direction. She now specializes in experimental film.

Kasey will be pursuing her MFA in poetry at Hunter College this coming fall, where she will continue to develop her artistic sensibility. 



Wells Foster

Wells Foster’s videos explore the idea of taking mundane problems and pushing them to their extreme. This allows Wells to explore the heart of the problem and provide viewers with solutions they hadn’t originally considered. Born in 1998 Wells Foster fell in love with video making senior year of high school.

After deciding to attend Marymount Manhattan College gave Wells the opportunity to learn from a multitude of experts. While attending college Wells also worked as a volunteer for the Darien Athletic Foundation Media Division, this provided live broadcasts of multiple varsity high school sporting events alongside weekly town events. Today Wells works as a camera operator in NYC. 



Erin Greene

I’m Erin and I aspire to create films that evoke self-reflection by mirroring moments of life through filmmaking. My ambition to master the magnitude of motion pictures stems from my desire to reflect on life. Stories encompass characters observing an individual’s journey of overcoming conflicts, which is why I value storytelling and its possibility to offer emotional connection and to inspire. I love to be involved throughout all stages of the production process including screenwriting, filming direction, and editing.




Emily Jeanne

Emily Jeanne graduates with a BA in Digital Media and Video Production and a minor of Photography. Growing up she didn’t really know what she wanted to do or be until she found her passion of being able to create memories for many years to come.

Emily always enjoyed watching behind the scenes on how things were made artistically through film and television, and she wanted to be able to do the same. She uses her voice and creativity to make projects that inspire and leave an impact, even if it’s just one person. 



Ava Makris

Ava Makris is a creative who’s worked in a variety of mediums including digital illustration, film/digital photography, and video production. Her scholarly and artistic works all revolve around ideas of freedom and acceptance. Ava is currently a senior at Marymount Manhattan College studying Video Production and TV/Film Studies with minors in Graphic Design and Digital/Film Photography where she puts these notions into all that she does.

Born and raised in a sheltered and conservative section of The Bronx, NY, she always felt as though she wanted to get out and express herself in the heart of the city where she felt she could be most free. After coming to Manhattan to continue education she experienced immense personal growth which allowed her to grow into the create and compassionate person she is today. Her work serves as an example of who she is because her work proves to educate and empower others.



Hannah Manclark

Originally from Massachusetts, Hannah Manclark is currently a student at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. She is a member of Lambda Pi Eta, the communications honor society, and is the Social Media Manager for Marymount’s chapter of Her Campus, the number one online magazine for college women. In her free time, you can find Hannah bingeing the latest shows or reading a good book.




Cassidy Martinez

Cassidy Martinez is a filmmaker from Voluntown, Connecticut. From an early age she was fascinated by video, consistently documenting life through the lens. Cassidy is a senior at Marymount Manhattan College and is soon to release her first documentary short, The Path, following two unique perspectives in Orthodox Judaism.



Nicole Pavia

Nicole Pavia is a 22-year old writer, storyteller, and environmental activist who is passionate about discussing social justice issues and using the power of media and storytelling for social change. She is studying Public Relations & Strategic Communication as well as Digital Media & Video Production. She is also minoring in Urban & Environmental Sustainability. Nicole was accepted to graduate school at Northeastern University where she plans to pursue a Masters of Science in Media Advocacy in Fall 2021. Nicole is a certified Climate Reality Leader with the Climate Reality Project and was trained under Former Vice President Al Gore in September 2020.




Maeve Penman

Maeve Penman is preparing to graduate from Marymount Manhattan College located in New York City, double majoring in English Creative Writing as well as Digital Media and Video Productions. From her childhood, Maeve always was interested in the art of storytelling. With a deep rooted interest in writing in various mediums which was fostered through moving around as a child and spending many summers visiting family in Ireland cultivating her imagination.

 Over the years, Maeve has held various roles in theatrical productions both on stage and off including writing, casting, and directing which lend themselves to a theatricality in her works. Since then, Maeve has worked tirelessly to shape her craft and develop a distinct notable voice. Maeve completed writing and production on “Achusla” in 2018. In the next year, Maeve anticipates finishing edits on her first full length novel. Her future projects include a contemporary episodic series inspired by her adventures as a child.




Daniel Schwabinger

Creating is the most influential way to represent time and the evolution of it. I strive to be able to use my artistic ability to tell stories through film making and to be able to captivate an audience with strong messages and clear stylistic choices. I love to be able to create natural portrayals of what happens around me and tell stories through a fictional lens. I am eager to see where my journey takes me further than Marymount Manhattan College, and how my abilities will only further soar. I want to make art that speaks for itself, and is continuously developing.



Kelsey Shelton

I am Kelsey Shelton. I am a content creator from Birmingham, Alabama. I have always been interested in how media is used to tell stories. I came to New York in 2018 to study Digital Media and Video Production. I am very interested in women's position in society, so most of my work explores how women have to navigate in a society that does not cater to them.



Tessie Tokash

My name is Tessie Tokash. I am a Digital Media Video Production major at MMC. I grew up in the small town of Weirton, West Virginia, where I went to catholic school for 18 years. Living in New York for the past three years, I proudly call the city my new home. I have been exposed and educated more in these last three years than ever before, which inspired my documentary “Exposure”. I hope this film exposes and educates you on the life of a very small town family.




Lily Blackman

Lily Blackman is a writer and director from Chicago, Illinois. She is graduating in 2021 from Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in Digital Media and Video production. Her writing style is influenced by her many years in sketch comedy, training at Second City and Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and also serving as head writer of Marymount’s premiere sketch troupe Dead Rabbits Society. She aspires to write for film and television.